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Welcome to
Daily Bible Study

Grow365 Bible Study is a spiritual growth adventure that takes you on an easy-to-understand, systematic, practical journey through the Bible in a year. Dr. Lou Fortier developed this spiritual growth tool by mentoring believers. Grow365 includes a beautiful presentation of research-based elements designed to help you grow closer to God and deeper in faith. Are you willing to spend about twelve minutes and invest about twelve cents a day to transform your spiritual life in a powerful way?

Grow365 includes:

  • A photographic Bible encounter to help you step away from distractions and connect with God. 

  • A daily prayer guide with real-life examples (Pray).

  • A focused, chronological journey through the Bible focused on a few verses a day for better understanding (Read).

  • A background section that helps people think through the biblical text insightfully (Process).

  • Explanation comments to help people understand what they are reading (Peek).

  • An application section with suggestions for making God’s Word a part of your daily life (Practice). 

  • A Scripture memory tool that helps believers become more mindful of God’s Word (Ponder).


Get Grow365 in Book form

Grow365 in book form is called Spiritual Growth: An Every Day Bible Study.

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"I want to take a moment to thank you for creating this Bible study. We do Grow365 together every morning. We love the understandable structure, and we love that we are learning how to pray and study the Bible, especially by "Dr. Fortier's Insights." Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are going to spread the word about Grow365 to our friends and church. God Bless you!"

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